Monday, 14 January 2008


Hi everyone

Welcome to the RawforLife Blog!

I’m not normal. I’m a bit odd. I follow a 100% raw food diet. That basically means that I eat no food heated higher than 118 F, the point at which research suggests enzymes, vitamins and other nutrients in our food are damaged or destroyed. And I have NEVER felt better!

Raw transforms physically and psychologically; it's shown me what I’m here to do. For 10 years I was a communicator (advertising) and the next 10 years I was a teacher. I’ve always been interested in health topics, and…love my food! Everything in my life to date has come together to provide me with the skills to join the many raw fooders who enjoy encouraging and disseminating information to others in the raw food community. And, as I LOVE talking to people about raw – I’m feeling high just typing these words! – what better medium in which to do that than a blog?

Those who know me from the Raw Food UK Forum know how enthusiastic I get when I hear about great testimonials to raw, sources of truly raw ingredients, delicious raw recipes and fascinating information - I just love researching! There’s a lot of conflicting information out there (especially from the ‘raw gurus’), and I hope that in presenting and summarising different viewpoints I can help people steer their own path through them.

I’m also pretty much surgically attached to the computer, keep up with the raw network sites, and do lots of raw socialising. What this means is that I have my ear to the ground and can let you know about developments in the raw world minutes after they’re posted in cyberspace!

I’ll try neither to confuse nor patronise. If you’re new to raw and I use a term you’re unfamiliar with, ‘google’ it! If you’ve been raw for years, I’m sure you’ll find little bits of info every so often that you hadn’t been aware of. And even if you’re not a ‘raw fooder’ you should still find some of the articles of interest.

Now in my second winter of raw, with not a cough, cold nor any sort of illness in that time, and having waved goodbye to a host of niggling ‘normal’ health complaints, I’m just as passionate about raw as I was on Day One (actually that’s not true – I’m more so!). Raw is more than a diet. If you’re new to raw, know that raw will change you. Start running on the best fuel. Do you really want ‘normal’ any more? Who wants ‘normal’? Be extraordinary!


E*phi said...

Hi Debbie,
Just saw the link Christine posted :)
Great!!! I already subscribed to both the blog as your e-zine thingy! :)
Thanks for doing all this, I mean the forum, providing so much information and inspiration!
I'm curious to read your entries in the blog! :)
And YES!!! Love your very first sentence. And yes, who wants to be "normal" *g*.... no idea who would be that *crazy* ;)


ani uk said...

Hi Debbie

i love your webpages thankyou.

normal... what is THAT?
something i have never been accused of :)

love & light
Ani x

Allison said...

Hey Debbie- found your blog! Just wanted to send greetings and tell you I like what you have to say about the conflicting messages we get in the raw community. It does boil down to reading all we can to educate ourselves, and seeing what works in our own bodies. Hope all is well with you!!