Thursday 3 September 2009

Staying at The Raw House, Thailand, with Darrick, Freelea, Harley et al

I've just got back from staying in Thailand at the generous invitation of Darrick from 30Bananas forum. Had a totally brilliant time, getting to meet not only Darrick, but also Harley (aka 'durianrider'), Freelea, Georgia, Bhala, Malakai, Nick, Chris, Rich and Choi, not to mention sampling (well, gorging!) the most delicious fruit!

The easiest way of telling those of you who would like to know more about my stay is to point you in the direction of a diary thread I started on 30Bananas forum. Scattered throughout the thread are posts describing my stay, and towards the end of the thread I've uploaded nineteen wonderful pictures!

Here's the link. I think even if you're not a member of 30Bananas you'll be able to read the post and see the pics. NOTE - if that link doesn't work, try this:

So, back to reality now - dear old England cool, wet and windy as per normal, but I see we had some sun whilst we were away, as the sunflowers are ten feet tall!

Next RawforLife article about to roll off the press!


Anonymous said...

hey deb,
glad to have you back!
btw, i clicked that link you provided to see your log & photos. it's a dead link. do you have another one?

Debbie Took said...

Apologies, Mila and anyone else who tried the link.

Corrected now!