Monday 26 April 2010

'I Know She Wrote An Article On.... (But Where?)'

This might help!

Firstly, I've put a 'Search' facility on the blog - will certainly help me! Top right hand column.

Secondly, a list of past articles for your consideration. To go to the article, just go to relevant year, then month in the Archive box on the right column of the blog and select article from drop-down menu.

And can I just say, as I don't have time to re-read every one of my articles, that you might find the odd thing written in an old article that seems strange from what you know of me now! Do let me know if anyhing seems very out of place. But be comforted by the fact that if I've changed my mind radically about something, I will probably have edited the article!


Jan 08
The Olive - 'One Of The Most Perfect Foods'
Feb 08
Drink Your Greens! (green juice)
Omega 3 - Not Just From Fish
Mar 08
Best Water On The Planet - Free!
How to Make Nut Milk
Are Some Foods 'Better For Us' Cooked?
April 08
Wheat Pt 1 (Raw, Sprouted Wheat)
Wheat Pt 2 (How To Make Essene Bread)
May 08
How Many Raw Foods Do We Need For a 'Balanced' Diet?
The Future Is....(ode to oranges)
June 08
24 Hour Water Fasting
Mono Eating
July 08
Where Do You Get Your...Calcium?
Raw Food And Hayfever
Eat Locust (Move Over Cacao) (carob)
Aug 08
Do Raw Fooders' Poos Smell Of Roses?
But People Have Always Cooked Food...
'Anti' Supplements? Why?
Oct 08
How Long Do Raw Fooders Live?
Blending - Pros and Cons
Nov 08
The Breakfast Trap
Yes, You Can Stay Raw This Winter.
Dec 08
One Thing You Didn't Know About Fruit
Where Do You Get Your...Protein?
Grey Hair - A Diet Connection

Jan 09
'Healthy Cooked Food' - A Contradiction In Terms
Feb 09
Fool For Fruit Pt 1 - The Fruit Warners
Fool for Fruit Pt 2 - Too Much Of A Good Thing?
Mar 09
Fool for Fruit Pt 3 - Should Fruit Eating Carry A Health Warning?
Juicing - Pros and Cons
April 09
Spinach And The Oxalic Acid Thing
Periods - They May Be Normal, But Are They Healthy?
May 09
Mellifluous Melons
Where Do You Get Your...Iron?
June 09
Why Did T C Fry Die 'So Young'?
Herbs - Yea Or Nay? Pt 1 Herbal Medicine
July 09
Herbs - Yea Or Nay? Pt 2 Flavourings, Fragrances
Aug 09
But I'm Hungry!
Sept 09
Salt - Pt 1
Salt - Pt 2
Oct 09
The 'Danger' Of Not Supplementing For Vitamin D
Nov 09
Are You A Nutter?
Nuts - Eat Fresh, Eat Raw
Dec 09
Teeth And The High Fruit Raw Food Diet
Jan 10
'Breast Cancer Cannot Be Prevented.' Discuss.
Feb 10
Garlic - The Less Popular View
Mar 10
Debbie Does B12 Pt 1
Apr 10
Debbie Does B12 Pt 2
I Know She Wrote An Article on... (But Where?)

Love, Debbie Took


David Cohen said...

Very useful.

Linda said...

This blog, "I know she wrote an article on ...(but where?)" would be really helpful as the front page of your blog. Also the search box on the right doesn't seem to be working at the moment.

Debbie Took said...

Thanks for letting me know, Linda. It was fine a few days ago, but, as you say, isn't working now. I'll check it again in a few days.